Programs and Services

Local Services

Offer a place to share your experience of living with Lupus., as well as learn more about the disease.  Find a local support group in your  area.

Client Assistance Program

Help low-income people living with Lupus in need  of copay assistance and transportation.  Our emphasis is to connect clients to social and community services, as well as educating and enabling individuals to become better advocates for themselves and their families in the greater Kansas city area.

Advocacy and Awareness

Raise funds to fight  lupus.

Build a complimentary network of nonprofit organizations.

Raise lupus profile in the greater Kansas City area especially in adolescents.

Pink and Black Butterfly

Why Kaleidoscope?

Kaleidoscope is the perfect image for our mission as an organization that brings awareness and understanding of Lupus as a disease.  Lupus mimics an assortment of autoimmune diseases and is not a stand-alone disease, but rather a kaleidoscope of symptoms involving auto-immunity disorders.  The word kaleidoscope also refers to a collection of butterflies, and the butterfly is the internationally recognized emblem for Lupus.