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Turning one conversation ​at a time into action for Lupus

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Marlene’s Kaleidoscope

​Marlene’s Kaleidoscope foundation was founded in 2017 by a survivor of over 30 years. La Tanya Lipprand was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus after the birth of her son. It was named after our founder's first name and ​Kaleidoscope, which refers to a collection of butterflies, and the butterfly is the internationally recognized emblem for Lupus.

Our sole purpose is to provide support, service, and education to those affected by lupus, primarily minorities. We pursue this through supporting individuals with lupus, their families, and caregivers and advocating for increased public support. Heightening awareness of the impact and effect of lupus. So, Marlene's Kaleidoscope is "TURNING ONE CONVERSATION AT A TIME INTO ACTION FOR LUPUS!”

The Foundation provides referrals for those affected by Lupus and promotes the development and enhancement of health and social welfare services at the local level.

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Programs & Services

Marlene’s Kaleidoscope is dedicated to helping improve the quality of life for persons with lupus in the Greater Kansas City community. Marlene’s Kaleidoscope stands ready to assist those newly diagnosed with lupus, existing patients needing more information about the disease, providing patients with tools and resources to help them become better self-advocates, as well as connecting and assisting caregivers, loved-ones and friends of patients with lupus.

Personal Stories from Lupus Warriors

I was hospitalized in November

2015. I was diagnosed with Lupus in January 2016. The main symptoms I have are skin dryness and decreased platelet count. The skin dryness, flaking and discoloration are the worst symptoms because sometimes it scabs and hurts a lot and makes it hard to be in public which causes me to be depressed. Living with Lupus is hard.

Noel Holmes

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